Four-hand massage – feel real relaxation and release the accumulated energy

A special method is a four-hand massage, which we perform in our erotic SPA. This is a type of oriental massage that is performed by two masseuses at the same time, which guarantees even greater sensations, relaxation, and greater care for the body.

The technique itself consists of synchronized movements that have a healing effect on nerve fibers and firm the skin. In addition, the four-hand massage also allows you to calm down and guarantees relaxation of the whole body. All this takes place additionally with relaxing music and warm oils, which also affect the course and effects of such a treatment.

Who should I give a four-hand massage to?

A four-hand massage is a perfect gift to give:

• a person who experiences muscle and joint pain
• a person who is overtired, overworked, and needs a moment of respite
• a friend, be a friend as an original birthday gift

Four-hand massage – how does it work?

Four-hand massage is otherwise called Mandara massage. The name of the massage comes from the legend of the Asian god, famous for his eternal youth and perfection. As mentioned above, this is a massage technique performed by two masseuses who use the methods of classic and relaxing massage, combining them with methods taken from the East. Therapists perform massage mainly using the whole hands, thumbs, elbows, and forearms. Their movements are synchronous and harmonious, by the rhythm of relaxing music.

What’s more? Four-hand massage is a treatment with double power. It affects the physical sphere, giving a feeling of deep relaxation and eliminating muscle tension, and supporting blood circulation. It is a massage technique that also allows you to eliminate the negative impact of stress on your body.

A four-hand massage is a great gift idea because:

• it means a visit to an erotic SPA, which improves the condition of the body and spirit
• is an opportunity to do something just for yourself and your needs
• is a kind of gift that will work regardless of age

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