Lingam massage for men – learn about its course and effects

Although many people have doubts about the general nature of the lingam massage ritual, this is most often due to cultural differences between the eastern and western worlds. In our country, the genitals and touching them are primarily aimed at sexual arousal. In the case of lingam massage, however, it is completely different – it is a treatment that has not only a physical but also a spiritual dimension. Read the article below and learn more about it!

How does the lingam massage work?

Each lingam treatment requires an individual approach of the masseuse to the patient. It is very important to respect the boundaries and ensure that the man undergoing the massage will be able to trust the masseuse enough to be able to fully experience the benefits of the treatment.

Many specialists advise you to use services that do not involve massage of intimate places at the very beginning. This solution will allow you to get used to your nakedness, your own body, and the touch of a stranger. The masseuse should perform long, transitional movements that run from the feet to the chest during the procedure. Just after such a general tantric massage, you can try to undergo a lingam treatment. Both the intensity of the pressure and the length of the massage depends to a large extent on the problems faced by the client.

It is also worth noting that a properly performed lingam massage should not lead a man to ejaculate, which is incompatible with tantra. Yes, it happens that clients experience an orgasm, but it is not related to ejaculation or even an erection. However, to be able to experience this kind of pleasure, you need to make sure that the masseuse knows her job and can professionally perform the procedure.

Lingam massage – what should be remembered during the session?

In addition to such elements of lingam massage as choosing the right massage parlor and gaining confidence in the masseuse, it is also important to ensure the right atmosphere during the procedure. This includes, among others:

• pleasant temperature in the room where the massage is performed
• relaxing background music
• relaxing aroma sensations, ie incense sticks, candles, and essential oils
In addition, it is also worth remembering to take a thorough shower before the massage itself – in some massage parlors, it is possible to take a bath, both before and after the session.

The benefits of a lingam massage

The benefits of lingam massage surprise many customers who come to this type of treatment for the first time. Interestingly, the services of professional salons that offer tantric lingam massage are used by more and more men who feel the need to relax and deal with tension and stress. The most common benefits of this massage are:

• better drive control
• learning to listen to your body’s needs
• better body control
• help with erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation
• release from accumulated stress and tension
• as well as helping to treat depression

To sum up, the lingam massage is a practically mystical experience for many men. This is a great solution that not only allows you to establish better contact with your own body but also gives rise to further spiritual development. If you are wondering if this is a massage for you, be sure to contact us. We guarantee that you will experience something extraordinary that will completely change your sex life.

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