Types of erotic massage at Desert Rose

The erotic massage in our offer is a form of relaxation that guarantees maximum relaxation, fulfillment, and a lot of health benefits. What are the types of erotic massage? In the article below, we will list the most popular techniques of this treatment, which you can try using the services of our massage parlor. We invite you!

Types of erotic massage

One of the most intense forms of erotic massage is the massage of intimate places, the main purpose of which is to provide the massaged person with pleasant sensations, relaxation, and fulfillment. It is worth noting that erotic massage can also be a full body massage – these are the types of masseuses in our salon.

An extremely sensual and popular version among our customers is the nuru massage, also known as the body body. This is a technique that involves massaging the body with the body. For this purpose, special essential oils are used, including those with aromatherapy properties. Equally pleasant, although slightly less intimate, is the Hawaiian technique of lomi lomi massage, which affects the massaged person on many different levels – not only bodily, but also emotional and spiritual.

Tantra – Desert Rose’s specialty

Desert Rose masseuses specialize primarily in tantric massage. This is one of the most pleasant and relaxing treatments that you can use in our massage parlor. Thanks to the use of appropriate techniques, all the sexual energy that lies dormant in a man is directed inwards during the massage. Through such a solution, it is possible to achieve full harmony and complete fulfillment. It is worth emphasizing that the sensations during a tantric massage are intense, strong, and sensual.

Erotic massage at Desert Rose

Did you know that there are different types of erotic massage? Well, such a massage can be called any session that contains elements of eroticism. As for the degree of their saturation, it depends on the individual agreement between the masseuse and the patient. The most important thing to remember is that massage is by no means a sexual service. We do not offer such services in our salon. However, we guarantee that erotic massages at Desert Rose can work wonders. They are an unforgettable adventure, crowned with satisfaction and relaxation.

We cordially invite you to contact our Desert Rose massage salon. The choice of our services is a certainty and a guarantee of a real feast for all your senses.