Why is a Thai massage so popular?

Thai massage is one of the most popular massage techniques that patients all over the world use willingly. To this day, its inseparable elements are breathing techniques, the principle of compassion, and ethics that come from the Buddhist tradition. This is a type of massage that is recommended primarily to people who live on the run and struggle with stress and muscle tension.

What is Thai massage?

In the beginning, let’s briefly remind you what Thai massage is all about. Well, it is a combination of elements of passive yoga, acupressure, meditation, and stretching. Aromatherapy, i.e. the use of essential oils, which, depending on the patient’s needs, can have a stimulating, calming effect or have an analgesic or antidepressant effect is also of great importance. Thai massage can be performed by one or two masseuses. It consists primarily of strong pressure on specific places on the massaged person’s body. Unblocking points called meridians enable a continuous and uninterrupted flow of energy, which promotes the feeling of deep relaxation and relaxation.

A massage that engages the whole body

During the procedure, the masseuse uses her thumbs, whole hands, elbows, forearms, and sometimes also knees and feet. In contrast to the classic massage, the massaged person does not lie passively on the table. Her whole body is engaged with numerous grips and placed in the so-called postures. passive yoga. It is worth noting that during a Thai massage, you can be clothed.
In our massage parlor, you can additionally experience soothing music and calming aromatherapy. If you want to try this form of relaxation, check out our Thai massage offer and feel like on an exotic holiday.

Thai massage – what are the advantages?

The popularity of Thai massage also results from the noticeable effects on the body almost immediately after leaving the salon. Our clients pay special attention to a significant increase in muscle flexibility, an increase in the range of movements, and the elimination of tension. In addition, it is believed that performing this massage significantly supports the proper flow of energy in the body, and this positively affects the efficiency of the circulatory, lymphatic, and digestive systems.

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