Yoga for the lazy, or Thai massage

Although in ancient times Thai massage was intended only for the royal family, today it is one of the most popular oriental treatments in the world. Somewhat jokingly, it is called yoga for the lazy. What is and what is Thai massage? We inform you in the article below – we invite you to read it!

What is a Thai massage?

Did you know that the traditions of Thai massage date back about 2,500 years? That is why it is often called an ancient or sacred massage. Although at the beginning it was reserved only for a few, over time it became available to ordinary citizens as well. In ancient times, it was believed to be cleansing, both for the body and the spirit – the techniques of this sacred massage were healing, relaxing, energizing, and sanctifying.

Currently, Western specialists define Thai massage as a combination of physiotherapy and static yoga. It also contains elements of acupressure and aromatherapy. In other words, it is one of the types of deep massage, the technique of which consists in pressing the right points and stretching the muscles.

The main task of this type of massage is to locate energy channels in the body. Their massage in the right way unlocks the flow of energy and air, which has a very positive effect on the functioning of the entire body.

Thai massage – yoga for the lazy – what is it?

The entire Thai massage session takes place on a fairly soft mattress. Our masseuses use almost the entire body to perform the massage: fingers, hands, nails, forearms, elbows, feet, and knees. The massaged person is placed in various positions that refer to asanas – hence the name “yoga for the lazy”. These poses come from the basic postures: front, back, side, sitting, and inverted. What is important? Everything is done according to centuries-old traditions and carefully developed techniques. This is why it is so important to choose the right massage parlor with experienced and competent masseuses.

Important! Before performing a Thai massage, you should consult with the masseuse about all your health problems so that she can choose the right techniques that meet the individual needs of the massaged person.

Thai massage at Desert Rose

Our massage parlor in the very center of Warsaw has a unique, oriental atmosphere and young, beautiful, and experienced masseuses who can boast of skills and experience confirmed by diplomas, but also nice, wonderful personalities and positive energy. Thai massage in Desert Rose is an amazing adventure, and you will feel its beneficial effect on the whole body long after the session.

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