Lomi lomi massage – the secret of trance phenomena

Lomi Lomi massage comes from Hawaii and is becoming more and more popular among people who are looking not only for relaxation but above all for spiritual and emotional healing. Formerly, it was practiced as a temple massage to help transition to the new. It prepared the rulers and social figures in Hawaii for important changes and events.

One of the characteristic elements of this massage is the so-called. trance phenomena experienced by patients undergoing this procedure, but also masseuses. Below we will look at these phenomena and how they affect the quality of the massage.

Trance phenomena – what are they?

Trance phenomena are states in which the mind of the massaged person is deeply relaxed. What’s more? She goes into a state similar to meditation. Trance phenomena during massage can be experienced to varying degrees and intensity. For many people, they are one of the most important elements of this type of massage.

Lomi Lomi massage – types of trance phenomena

  • change of states of consciousness – a person subjected to the massage can go through various states of consciousness, ranging from a state of alertness to deep sleep and relaxation
  • experiencing emotions – during a lomi lomi massage a person may experience intense emotions, such as sadness, anger, and fear, but also joy and happiness
  • experience of inner wisdom – the patient can discover inner wisdom and intuition, which in turn can help solve various life and spiritual problems
  • increased creativity – trance phenomena occurring during lomi lomi massage can lead not only to increased creativity but also to discovering new ways of thinking and acting
  • discovering the personality – during the massage, the person experiencing it can reach the hidden inner layers of his personality, which can contribute to a better understanding of both himself and his life

Benefits of experiencing trance phenomena

Experiencing trance phenomena during a lomi lomi massage can bring measurable benefits to health and well-being. First of all, they reduce stress and tension, which is especially important in the case of people who lead a sedentary lifestyle and those who struggle with various health problems, e.g. such as muscle pain or cardiovascular problems.

In addition, trance phenomena allow you to achieve a deep level of relaxation and relaxation, which allows you to remove toxins from the body much easier. In turn, the massage itself effectively improves blood circulation, tones muscles, and improves motor coordination.

Experiencing trance phenomena during lomi lomi

Experiencing trance phenomena during a lomi lomi massage is a phenomenon that can occur in some people during a session. What is important? Most often it consists in the feeling of relaxation and relaxation, which is associated with a deep immersion in the massage process.

However, to achieve such experiences, the right conditions must be ensured. First of all, it is worth using the services of masseuses at a professional massage salon such as Desert Rose. It is worth remembering that a properly conducted lomi lomi massage requires not only proper technical execution of movements but also an appropriate approach to the client. When performing a massage, it is also worth taking care of the right atmosphere in the room. Music can affect the depth and intensity of sensations, and the temperature in the room should be adjusted to the individual preferences of the massaged person.

To sum up, lomi lomi massage is a kind of ceremony whose main goal is to restore balance and harmony in the body and mind. However, experiencing trance phenomena depends on the individual characteristics of the massed person, on their inner consent and readiness for this type of work.