Nuru Erotic Massage

Nuru massage is an erotic art of massage originated in Japan. It is a very sensual and sexual art of erotic massage where the masseuse uses her entire body to massage a client. It relives tension and stress associated with everyday life. It awakens your sexual desires hidden inside your body and let’s you submerge into the world of desire and erotic sensation you have never experienced before. Nuru massage is designed to please your mind and body. So dim down the lights and let the dream begin.

nuru massage

Massage nuru

We offer nuru massage to clients who want to experience exceptional relaxation. This type of massage covers the whole body. During the massage traditional Japanese oils are used, which intensify the extraordinary sensations. The properties that characterize nuru massage are stimulation of the innermost senses and a state of great relaxation. SEO

Nuru is a very sensual and relaxing massage, in which the masseuse performs the procedure using the whole body. Its tempting movements guarantee an amazing experience.

What is worth knowing about nuru massage?

  • The nuru massage is an extremely sensual ritual. The masseuse is naked during the treatment. When massaging, they use the whole body (not just the hand).
  • It is performed in a specially arranged room, so as to stimulate the senses. This inclues preparing a romantic glow of candles, quiet music and a beautiful aphrodisiac smell.
  • The massage is performed using the original gel originating from Japan. This extremely slippery gel allows for a completely surprising experience.
  • The massage should be performed for 1 hour or 1.5 hours. If you need longer relaxation, just let us know.

Thanks to the nuru massage, you will feel centimeter by centimeter as the pleasure increases. Get ready for a moment of pleasure, and to see how nice it is to feel a professional work their magic.

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