Unique erotic massage of various body areas – valuable tips

A professionally performed erotic massage can cause unforgettable moments and lead to a violent orgasm. If you want to give amazing pleasure to your beloved, use our valuable tips. Read the guide below and give your partner a unique power of sensations.

Erotic massage – starts from the head

Gently rub your scalp and draw lines from the roots of your hair to its neck. Do these movements alternately and go to the back of the head.

Use oils

Remember that when massaging your back, not only massage it but spread the oils on it. Do it slowly, using your hands full. Very gently move the oil from your arms to your buttocks, arms, and legs.

Always head in the right direction

Correct movement during the massage is very important – it takes place along the muscles. It is important to remember this because if you move on the muscles, it can have the opposite effect from the expected, i.e. cause unpleasant and painful sensations for your partner.

Explore your erogenous zones

When the initial caresses are over and your girlfriend is relaxed, you can move on to massaging the erogenous zones. Start by stroking just above the buttock cleft. Make sure that your strokes slowly and gradually turn into kneading of the lower glutes.

Moving to the thighs during the erotic massage, you can also start with stroking, slowly turning them into kneading. Light and subtle running your hand over the entire thigh will certainly give your partner a very interesting experience. When massaging your belly, remember to move from your belly button to your sides. Your movements should always be gentle and soft.

Another part of the body that you should pay special attention to is the breasts – they require a gentle and tender touch. Your movements should be directed toward the nipples. Tease your partner – make movements so airy that your hands are barely perceptible on her body.

By following the above-mentioned tips, you will provide your other half with pleasure and unforgettable moments. What’s more? You can be sure that she will also repay you the same.