The land of new sensations, i.e. Nuru massage – an exclusive offer from DESERT ROSE

DESERT ROSE, a prestigious wellness center, offers an innovative service – Nuru massage. This Japanese type of massage, often called “the most intimate massage in the world”, combines relaxing, therapeutic, and erotic elements, giving customers a unique experience. But what exactly is a Nuru massage? Why is it worth trying? We suggest below!

Nuru massage – art from the Land of the Rising Sun

Nuru massage, originating in Japan, is an art that goes beyond the traditional concept of massage. Nuru means “slippery” in Japanese, and this is a direct reference to the special gel that is used during the session. This gel is a natural product based on seaweed, which, apart from its slippery properties, also has numerous care properties.

The course of Nuru massage – what does it look like?

A Nuru massage session begins with a relaxing bath to prepare your body and mind for the experience ahead. Then the masseuse covers her body and the body of the client with a special Nuru gel, creating a unique intimacy. In the practice of Nuru massage, the therapist’s whole body is used as a massage tool – using various techniques of sliding, pressure, and friction, the masseuse stimulates and relaxes the client’s muscles.

Advantages of Nuru massage – why is it worth trying?

Nuru massage is not only an erotic experience, but above all, it has numerous health benefits. By intensively stimulating the muscles and skin, Nuru massage improves circulation, which contributes to the faster removal of toxins from the body. In addition, the unique sensations provided by this type of massage effectively reduce stress, help fight insomnia, and increase self-esteem.

Nuru massage in DESERT ROSE – an experience you have never known before

In our wellness center, Nuru massage is performed only by qualified and experienced therapists who will make sure that you feel comfortable and safe. Each session is tailored to the individual needs and preferences of the client, guaranteeing complete satisfaction with the experience.

Security and discretion – our priorities

At DESERT ROSE, we are fully committed to the security and privacy of our clients. All our masseuses are professionals who respect the client’s privacy and maintain full discretion. Nuru massage is performed in comfortable, hygienic conditions, and in compliance with all sanitary standards.

Reservation and prices – take advantage of our offer

Those willing to take advantage of our offer can book a Nuru massage session by phone or via our website. The price of the session is determined individually, depending on the client’s preferences.

Immerse yourself in the land of new sensations with DESERT ROSE

Discover the secrets of Nuru massage and see for yourself what sensations this exotic form of relaxation can bring. Come to our massage salon and let our experienced masseuses guide you through this unforgettable experience. The land of new sensations is waiting for you – immerse yourself in it with us.