The first erotic massage – how to behave?

It is obvious that the first erotic massage, like any other “first time”, is very exciting. For most customers, it can also be a bit of stress. No wonder, because you don’t know what to expect. In today’s article, we suggest how to behave during the session to get 100% satisfaction from it!

My first erotic massage – what to do?

Our masseuses want our guests to feel good and at ease. Although our role is to take care of it, a positive customer is a big help for us. Remember, if you want to reciprocate the smile and positive energy of the masseuse, you will certainly receive 100% satisfaction from the erotic massage.

In our massage parlor, there are, of course, shower cabins (often ritual washing is part of the massage), but a quick shower before leaving the house is welcome.

Important! If you have any particular preferences or are bothered by pain or tension in any part of the body, inform the masseuse about it before the start of the session.

Erotic massage – how to get to the climax?

A professional masseuse knows how to stimulate the body gradually. When he brings them to the brink of pleasure, he will immediately withdraw to build up this energy again. Thanks to this technique, the climax of unblocking the channels of sexual energy can become the most intense and pleasurable experience you have ever had.

So how do you get to this moment?