The Thai massage offered by Desert Rose is very popular among customers. It is a Buddhist technique that combines the elements of yoga stretching with work with energy channels and the bloodstream. Thai massage perfectly relieves joint pain, and muscle tension and brings relief to people suffering from migraine and depression.

Practically every part of the masseuse’s body is involved in the massage: from the feet, through the hands, to the elbows and knees. The entire session takes place on a thin mat laid on the floor. Thai massage differs from classic massage mainly in its symbolism and the fact that the client changes his position from time to time. In addition to lying on the back and stomach, he also rolls sideways and takes a sitting position.

Thai massage Warsaw – relaxing massage

Thai massage Warsaw is a type of deep massage that combines acupressure, passive yoga, stretching, and reflexology. Professionally performed by our masseuses, it translates into deep relaxation of muscles, tendons, and joints. One of the biggest advantages of Thai massage is that it can be performed with any loose clothing. Moreover, the use of oil is not required. If being naked in the presence of a masseuse is something too intimate for you, be sure to check out this offer and learn about the possibilities offered by our Thai massage.

What does Thai massage look like?

First of all, it is good to prepare in advance for a classic Thai massage. Why? It is a massage technique that uses different yoga positions and is also quite intense, so avoids heavy meals before having a massage. Thai massage Warsaw is performed in 5 positions: on the back, on the stomach, on the sides, and in a sitting position. What is important? In each of these positions, the treatment starts at the feet and moves towards the head.

It is worth noting that Thai massage has many health benefits: it not only relieves stress but also works well in the case of various pains and injuries. It is also a great option for those who are more comfortable wearing clothes while massaging than naked.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer and learn about this relaxing massage technique. Give yourself or a loved one a moment of relaxation and peace!

  1. Tomek avatar

    Beautiful masseuses who approach the massage with tenderness and care. This is a truly unique place in the heart of the capital!

  2. Wiktor avatar

    Thai massage rediscovered myself for me. The visit to Desert Rose was something wonderful for me, a unique experience. I recommend!

  3. Mark avatar

    A specific, one-of-a-kind Thai massage. It felt like I was on a different planet, with no worries or hassles. A very nice experience.

  4. Antek avatar

    Beauty itself. I recommend it to anyone who wants to forget about problems and feel free.

  5. Leon avatar

    Perfect massage technique which improved my sleep quality. Thai massage allowed me to keep the harmony between my body and spirit. A great experience.

  6. Kamil avatar

    A great place to relax! There is no other like this. This is my next visit and I surely know it will not be the last. This is the best massage parlor.


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