Professional erotic massage – selection of background music

When we talk about erotic massage, the atmosphere is key. Properly selected background music is one of the basic ingredients that create this one-of-a-kind atmosphere – something you won’t find anywhere else except DESERT ROSE. But how do you choose the perfect soundtrack for a professional erotic massage? Read on to find out more.

Consider your taste

The basis for choosing music is your taste. After all, you are the person who has the greatest influence on the atmosphere in the place where you work. Music should make you happy, put you in a good mood, and help you focus on your work. At the same time, it should create a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere.

However, in the case of erotic massage, it is a bit different. Keep in mind that not all types of music will be suitable. Although you love rock or pop, you may find that it is too loud or too intense to create the right atmosphere for an erotic massage.

Relaxing sounds of nature

Music inspired by nature is an excellent choice for a professional erotic massage. The sounds of the waves, the gentle sound of the wind, and the quiet chirping of birds – all help to create a relaxing atmosphere that helps the client to relax and focus on their feelings. Instrumental music such as harp, flute, and guitar sounds can also be a great choice. This type of music is usually calm, slow and does not affect the client’s focus on the massage.

Ethnic music

Another option is ethnic music. This music often includes exotic sounds that can add some spice to a massage session. It can be sounds from Africa, Asia, or South America. This option is perfect for people who want to live a slightly different, more exotic experience.

Chillout and Lounge

Chillout and lounge are genres of music that are perfect for creating a relaxing atmosphere. They have gentle, slow melodies that bring customers into a state of deep relaxation and allow them to focus on sensory experiences.

Choosing the perfect music – conclusions

Choosing the perfect background music for an erotic massage depends on many factors – the taste and preferences of the client and the atmosphere you want to create. The most important thing is that the music is calm, relaxing and does not interfere with focusing on sensory experiences. Sounds of nature, ethnic music, as well as chillout and lounge are just some of the possibilities. You must test out different types of music and see what works best for the atmosphere you want to create.

The technical aspect should not be forgotten either. Make sure your music playback devices are in good shape and provide a clear, well-balanced sound. This also matters for the quality of the entire erotic massage experience. In addition, you must always remember to maintain the appropriate volume level. Music should be the background, not dominate the whole experience. This body and touch are the stars in erotic massage, the music here is only a delicate complement to the whole.

Regardless of which soundtrack you choose, remember that the purpose of an erotic massage is to offer a unique experience of complete relaxation, intimacy, and sensual discovery of your own body. Good background music can significantly enhance these experiences, creating a unique mood. So remember its importance and take the right time to choose the perfect soundtrack for a professional erotic massage.