Nuru massage is considered the most sensual technique in the world. It is a great way to achieve very deep relaxation, relaxation, and a sense of complete fulfillment. What’s more? The Nuru massage performed in our salon effectively discharges the accumulated tension and allows you to recharge with new, positive energy for many days. This is a type of massage that you will surely remember forever.

Unique and unrepeatable atmosphere

Nuru Warsaw massage is an intimate experience that stimulates all the senses. Our massage parlor is a place created with attention to all, even the smallest details. We are talking here not only about the climatic, unique interior, and delicate music that floats in the background, but also about the magical scent of essential oils. Combining these things will make you feel great.

Professional body massage

Both you and the masseuse are naked during the massage. Experienced Desert Rose masseuses use every part of their body: buttocks, breasts, and thighs to massage your body and provide you with maximum pleasure. Using our offer, you gain confidence and guarantee not only physical and mental relaxation but also sexual.

This is a unique massage technique that fulfills all men’s fantasies and effectively relieves sexual tension. Thanks to this, achieving full fulfillment gives much more satisfaction. Due to the form, it is not a quick massage. Nuru massage is not only a quick discharge of sexual tension but also its building so that at the end you reach a great peak that will fill you with positive energy for a long period.

Carefully selected oils and scented candles

Nuru massage makes you fully relax and stimulate at the same time. During the session, carefully selected scented candles are of great importance, thanks to which the client can achieve unprecedented pleasures. This massage technique guarantees a healthy and strong body. We guarantee that thanks to it you will quickly forget about all your problems and worries.

  1. Roberto avatar

    Crazy sensation, recommendable! A great, really sensational massage. The place and atmosphere like nowhere else. cool

  2. Konrad avatar

    A beautiful and pleasant experience that will remain in your memory forever. I was stressed out and overwhelmed with everyday problems. After visiting the salon, I got a huge boost of positive energy. Thank you!

  3. Mirek avatar

    Carefully selected music and relaxing surroundings put me in a unique mood. This is the highest level of service that I can honestly recommend to anyone.

  4. Roberto avatar

    Nuru massage is something beautiful, a moment of oblivion. I love this place and will come back for sure. Thanks to the massage, I released my energy again and I know that it is alive!

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    Extra really super sensual massage! Nuru massage made me come back to life and I am full of energy to act. I wish I had used it sooner.

    1. Dobies avatar

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    As for me, this is the most sensual and erotic massage technique. Thanks to Nuru, I regained enormous amounts of energy. Now I feel vigorous and willing to live – I can move mountains!

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    Nuru massage is a one of a kind massage that met all my expectations. I am very, very pleased and will definitely come back here! I recommend

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    Artur Jaskóła

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    Nuru Massage Warsaw

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    Janusz Longa

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    Dorota Kaczka Białas

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