Nuru massage and lomi lomi massage – what’s the difference?

Mentioning the erotic and relaxing massages, one cannot forget about the Nuru massage, which is often confused with the lomi lomi massage. This is probably because it is also often said – body to body. The repetition of words seems to be the equivalent of lomi lomi – but it is not. So, what is the difference between this type of massage and nuru? We suggest below!

Nuru massage – what is it?

Nuru massage comes from the East – from Japan. It should be remembered that this is a type of erotic massage, not a relaxing one. Even though the latter fulfills both a relaxing role and gently borders on eroticism, the Nuru massage is an erotic experience, the main purpose of which is to get rid of sexual tension in the body. This is a great idea for foreplay or to add some spark between a couple who are starting to get bored in the bedroom.

What’s more? The Japanese believe that Nuru massage brings people closer together and creates love energy between them, which improves their relationship and makes it even better.

Nuru massage – how to prepare?

First of all, you should start with proper preparation, similar to tantra massage. Places for performing massage must be properly prepared. Oils that are used during the procedure can grease the entire area. Therefore, they can make the customer feel irritation instead of pleasure. Oils in massage are an indispensable element: they give the body slip and make the touch more delicate and smoother. In addition, they perfectly moisturize and firm the skin, which is an additional benefit of this treatment.

You can also buy a special mattress dedicated to massage. Its cost is about PLN 100 and it can be placed anywhere, e.g. in a room or office. In addition, it is also worth taking care of a unique mood – candles, flowers, or scented wax.

How to perform a Nuru massage?

The technique of massage is very important – it should be done slowly, making sure that the Partner is pleasant. For this type of massage, you use your own body. We are talking here not only about the hands, but also the breasts or legs. In Nuru massage, it is also acceptable to massage the erogenous zones – and even recommended. The limit to which the masseuse will go is an individual matter. Our Desert Rose massage salon in Warsaw prefers telephone contact. This way you can find out that she only offers massage and no sexual services. Despite this, it is a body-to-body massage, which meets the expectations of the most demanding customers.

Lomi Lomi massage – what is it and how is it different from nuru massage?

Lomi Lomi massage is a Hawaiian relaxing massage, the purpose of which is primarily to relax the patient and give him new energy. Unlike a Nuru massage, it is not an erotic massage. He is less sensual and more focused on the emotional sphere. It is a ritual that involves kneading and stroking the body. Fans and essential oils can be used for this treatment. What is important? Often lomi lomi massage is performed by two masseuses at the same time. However, before deciding on this massage, you should find out if you can undergo such a procedure. It is very intense, strongly affects the muscles and vertebrae, and effectively relaxes.

To sum up, a nuru massage and a lomi lomi massage are two different massages, although they are often confused with each other. It is important to read carefully which massage to choose before making a decision. You should know that the best massage parlor in Warsaw is Desert Rose – thanks to this you will never come across a service that will not meet your expectations. We cordially invite you!