Is tantric massage an effective way to deal with depression?

Unfortunately, depression is a very serious disease that requires the patient to regularly contact a doctor. In no case should its symptoms be underestimated. Although taking independent steps to get out of this disease, such as sports or massages, is recommended, it cannot replace the observation and recommendations of an experienced specialist. So, is the statement that tantric massage cures depression true? You can argue here. Although tantra alone is not enough, it is certainly a great support for this therapy.

Depression and its symptoms

Depression is an illness that is not always obvious to diagnose. Many people often confuse it with autumn blues, i.e. temporary irritability that often accompanies stressful situations in life. However, if you are suffering from sadness and it is the dominant feeling daily, it is high time to consult a therapist.

The most common symptoms of depression that last for a long time include fatigue, lack of physical and mental energy, as well as a complete decrease in motivation. In other words, the things that used to bring you joy no longer mean anything, and life seems to have no meaning or purpose. In addition, depression is often accompanied by insomnia, or vice versa, excessive sleepiness, concentration problems, and other anxiety disorders.

What’s more? It is also a disease of the soul, and as we know, this is connected with the body. This is why people suffering from depression often experience physical pain as well. headache, abdominal, joint, or muscle pain.

How does tantra treat depression?

Tantric massage is a technique that combines work with the body, mind, and soul on many levels. This process begins as soon as you cross the threshold of our massage parlor. Beautiful, young, and warm masseuses approach each client individually, already at the stage of the conversation, thus getting to know his needs and expectations. Then they select the appropriate massage techniques to unblock the flow of sexual energy in the body of the massaged person by touch. It should be noted that this person at the climax of the massage experiences complete relaxation, relaxation, and full happiness.

People who suffer from depression are most often immersed in sadness and apathy. Thanks to the deep state of relaxation during the massage, they regain hope in improving their well-being. Believing in the possibility of deriving pleasure and happiness from life motivates them to continue their activities. Even if it cannot be said that massage alone cures depression, it certainly gives you wings. It gives the sick person the inner strength needed to fight, motivates, and brings relief to the body and soul.

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