Invisible need – longing for touch

Man is by nature a social being, and numerous studies confirm that physical contact brings him a sense of security, satisfaction, and comfort. So it is not surprising that the lack of touch can lead to negative emotions, such as a feeling of emptiness, and loneliness, or cause the so-called. “hunger for touch”. What is it and why is it so important? We suggest below!

Understand the hunger for touch

Hunger for touch is a longing for physical contact with other people. This applies not only to intimacy but also to simple gestures such as a handshake, a pat on the shoulder, or a hug. What is important? Many of us do not realize that our desire for touch is unfulfilled, which can lead to depressed mood, increased irritability, sleep problems, low self-esteem, increased feelings of fatigue, isolation, anxiety, and restlessness. Sexually active people can experience touch hunger, as non-erotic touch plays a key role in building interpersonal bonds and a sense of overall well-being.

The power of touch – why is it important?

Touch is crucial in our social interactions. It has its roots in both biology and culture and satisfying the need for touch is crucial for proper human development. From an early age, touch plays an important role in building healthy relationships by stimulating the secretion of oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine. These hormones increase feelings of happiness and well-being while lowering cortisol levels, resulting in reduced stress and blood pressure, and a strengthened immune system. Touch is also crucial in building and sustaining satisfying social relationships.

Strategies to satisfy the hunger for touch

Many strategies can be used to satisfy the desire for touch. Below are the most effective and easily accessible ones:

• Spending time with loved ones – simple physical contact, such as hugging, is the primary form of satisfying the hunger for touch

• Massage – can be done independently or with the help of a professional

• Beauty treatments – even simple treatments such as a visit to the hairdresser or beautician can satisfy the need for touch. Self-care, such as washing or brushing your body, can also be helpful

• Interactions with animals – stroking or hugging animals has a positive effect on your nervous system, and thus – on your emotional well-being

• Self-embracing – understand that you don’t always need another person to satisfy your need for touch. Self-embracing, i.e. crossing your arms over your chest and embracing yourself, can help relieve the hunger for touch

• Weighted blankets – commercially available weighted blankets that apply pressure to the skin can have a hugging effect. As a result, the brain produces melatonin and serotonin, which helps you relax.

Satisfying the hunger for touch is crucial for your well-being and proper functioning. It is therefore worth ensuring that your need for touch is regularly satisfied. The methods listed above are just some of the many ways available to meet this fundamental need.