How to perform an erotic abdominal massage?

An erotic abdominal massage is a kind of foreplay that will help you relax, discover each other and enjoy yourself. You can turn this whole process into a kind of sensual ritual that arouses desire. What’s more? This massage can also be part of role-playing. With a little imagination, it can be a lot of fun for both of you. So, how to perform an erotic abdominal massage? Erotic abdominal massage – what to do to make it as comfortable as possible?

• Take care of a romantic atmosphere. Scented candles, dimmed lights and soft, relaxing music floating in the background are a great help here. You can, for example, blindfold your Partner, which will help to stimulate the fantasy even more. The temperature in the room must be comfortable because erotic massage involves complete exposure to the cannon

• Don’t skimp on massage oils. Today you can find oils for all tastes and colors. In addition, it is also worth paying attention to special massage candles that imitate dripping wax, but without the risk of burning. If you plan to continue after the massage, you can use a gel lubricant right away, which will not cause discomfort. It is also important to prepare bedding in advance, which does not mind getting dirty. Of course, it’s not nice to spoil such a wonderful moment with an unfortunate misunderstanding

• Hear and feel your Partner. Remember that everyone is different – some prefer gentle touches, while others are rougher. In any case, the abdomen is an area that requires subtlety. Therefore, it is best to start with a light stroking or rubbing, and then rely on the reaction of the other half

• Avoid monotony. Most people do not like to massage only one area, because discomfort and irritability appear quite quickly. That is why it is worth moving smoothly from one area to another, changing the pace and intensity of movements at the same time.

• If the partner is ready, you can move to more intimate parts of the body, eg from the belly down or vice versa – go up to the breasts.