Erotic massage of intimate places, i.e. Yoni and Lingam

Wondering how to do a general cleanup by yourself? There is a simple and at the same time extremely effective solution – the ceremony of massages and intimate places. Both Yoni and Lingam massage will help you find yourself, relearn yourself, and extract and direct energy to the right places. Thanks to them, you will see your beauty again and love yourself, you will reject contempt and intolerance towards yourself. In other words, it is an effective method that helps you clean up your interior.

Yoni and Lingam – massage of intimate places

The concept of intimacy can have different meanings. For some, it will refer only to corporeality, sex life, and intimate places, while for others it will also be a spiritual and emotional sphere as well as memories and experiences that are closely related to a given person. Both the first and the second intimate sphere is related to corporeality, intimate places, and experiences that can be closely related to each other.

What is important? If emotions and experiences are negative, they can effectively block this path. Blockades of the bodily sphere of intimacy hurt the relationship, and relationship with a partner and make life difficult and take away the joy of it.

Yoni and Lingam massage ceremonies

Yoni and Lingam’s massages are ceremonies where you can get in touch with your soul through your body. You can go deep inside yourself, and connect your physical and intimate body with your soul. Massage of intimate places allows a woman to fully renew contact with her true femininity, innervate intimate places, open up again to the sense of touch, and reject all blockages and barriers. In turn, for a man, this massage allows focusing on himself, his own emotions, sensations, intimate experiences, and the feeling of being a man

Regularly performed Yoni and Lingam massage ceremonies effectively strengthen their beneficial and healing effects. Therefore, if you want to be able to fully experience and receive what such sessions can offer, you should undergo this type of massage several times. Remember that you are the one who decides what will happen and nothing will happen outside of the limits you set. If it will be your first time in our massage parlor, you don’t have to worry about it, because you will learn everything on the spot and you will be guided by experienced masseuses.

Don’t hesitate any longer, come check it out and feel blessed. We guarantee that in DESERT ROSE you will experience what you may have never experienced in your life. We invite you!