Erotic massage – giving pleasure to a man

In the modern world, people spend most of their time at work, whether they are a boss or an ordinary employee. Unfortunately, today’s rhythm of life is very fast – to get to work on time, run errands or manage staff, go home and lie on the couch with no energy – sad as it is, it’s true. So, how to find energy for your other half? Well, there is a solution – erotic massage in DESERT ROSE!

How to master the massage technique?

Are you wondering how to master the technique of erotic massage? At the very beginning, you must, first of all, recognize your partner’s erogenous points. It is then worth using your imagination and observing the reactions of your beloved – he will tell you what he likes. What is important? During this procedure, you should not be afraid of anything or nervous that something will happen later because by doing this you can spoil everything. Erotic massage has a very positive effect and helps to relax the muscles and the internal state of a person. It is a kind of wonderful and charming procedure, the aim of which is to bring the partners even closer together and to diversify everyday life.

First, you can play some romantic music, you can take a shower together and go to bed together. Then gently sit on the man’s lower back and massage his neck, shoulders, neck, etc. with subtle strokes. You can first stroke and then knead. After massaging the buttocks, you can return to the upper part – massage the head, hair, or ears. During the massage, you can whisper something in your beloved’s ear and kiss him. Then you can go back down again, gradually moving from the buttocks to the feet and heels. Remember to keep your hand movements light and your breathing free. Only your fantasy, imagination, and man’s reaction will help you do everything right. A man’s body reacts differently to movements, so the most important thing at this time is not to miss his desire, because that was the intended goal.