Erotic massage for the demanding

Do you want to spice up your sex life? Do you dream of real intimacy with your partner? We have a great solution for you that will help you achieve these goals – erotic massage. Thanks to proven instructions, you will make it an unforgettable moment for both of you.

Proven methods to make erotic massage more effective

Although the massage itself is very important, the right introduction and setting the mood that will stimulate the senses are equally important. Below we suggest what you can do and what to use to improve the quality of erotic massage:

Take care of the place:

  • Order – remember to ensure that the place where the massage is to be performed is properly prepared. It must be clean because unnecessary items can distract the massaged person and spoil the mood
  • Intimacy – it is also important to choose a massage place where no one will disturb you and you will be able to count on complete privacy

Take care of the mood:

  • Light – Proper lighting is an important part of a successful erotic massage. That is why it is necessary to take care of lamps in warm shades that give the effect of semi-darkness. You can also use special scented candles that you can put in lanterns. Both the dancing shadows on the walls and the candlelight will provide lighting that is conducive to an erotic atmosphere
  • Smell – a nice and pleasant smell is another element that must not be forgotten. It is very important to remember to ventilate the room before performing the massage. If you want to create a pleasant fragrance that will stimulate the senses, you can use the aforementioned scented candles, incense sticks, or your favorite essential oils
  • Sound – this is another element worth taking care of. Try to choose atmospheric music that you both like and that will effectively awaken your senses. However, remember not to turn the music up too loud, as it is only meant to be background music
  • Sensitivity – take care of the right dose of sensitivity. A common bath, both before and after the massage, will certainly make the whole event more attractive
  • Accessories – properly selected accessories can make the erotic massage even more attractive. For this purpose, you can use e.g. rose petals, fruit, champagne glasses, etc.

Take care of yourself:

Before starting the massage, remember to pay attention to the condition of your nails. They must be neither too sharp nor broken, as this may cause pain to the massaged person. What’s more? If you wear jewelry – rings or bracelets that may interfere with the massage, the best solution will be to give them up during the massage

Erotic massage in DESERT ROSE – advantages:

  • raises the water bottle and helps you relax, making sex much more enjoyable
  • is an interesting form of diversification of sex life
  • builds a unique closeness and strengthens the bond and sense of trust between partners
  • it is pleasant and additionally improves blood supply to the skin, making it more sensitive to various caresses
    Do you want to give your partner unforgettable pleasure? Do not hesitate any longer and try our methods as soon as possible. We guarantee that a successful erotic massage will be a great adventure and an unforgettable experience for you!