Discover new experiences with Nuru massage

There are many reasons why you should use a professional Nuru erotic massage in DESERT ROSE. What’s more? Contrary to the circulating opinions, which you have certainly come across on the web, this is not a sexual service. It is a kind of wonderful relaxation treatment that will make you feel relaxed and look at the world in a new way.

Nuru, or an unusual massage

The NURU massage we offer is associated not only with something pleasant but also relaxing. Combined with a bit of subtle eroticism, it becomes a great way to relieve tension. This treatment allows you to forget about the problems of everyday life. Interestingly, in the art of the Far East, erotic massage occupied a special position.

The Nuru technique comes from Japan – it has also been used in the Far East for centuries. Every year, including in Poland, it gains more and more interest among customers. Extremely sensual Nuru erotic massage is also called body-to-body massage. Unlike traditional massage, which uses only hands or arms, Nuru massage is done with the body only. A special Nuru gel is used to make it.

Stimulate your senses and unleash magical sensations

Performed by our experienced masseuses, Nuru erotic massage can be wonderfully relaxing. It is dedicated especially to people who are stressed, overtired, suffering from depression, or struggling with other problems, both physical and mental. It has relaxing properties and relaxes all muscles. We guarantee that thanks to its enormous strength, it will not only relieve you of stress but will help you get rid of internal blockages that you cannot deal with on your own.

The sensual glow of candles, quiet music floating in the background, the beautiful scent of aromatic oils, and a large space – this is the atmosphere in which the Nuru erotic massage session takes place, which you can use in our salon. Welcome to DESERT ROSE!