31 July 2019

Who would like the tantric massage

Tantric massage is becoming more and more popular in our country, although until recently very few people knew what it really was. Slowly, however, it has emerged from the shadows and gained a growing group of supporters. That is why it is worth knowing how to do it and for whom it is intended, so that you can enjoy maximum pleasure. 

Who would like tantric massage?

Certainly, it is a great diversion and an ideal way to relax one hundred percent. It will appeal to those open to new experiences who would like to try something completely different, and at the same time calm down and get to know their own body better. It can also be a great diversion of everyday sex life between loving partners. SEO

What is tantric massage?

First of all, it is a kind of massage that focuses on the total relaxation and stimulation of the massaged person, so that they can completely forget about their problems and give themselves to total relaxation. It is definitely a very sexual massage. In the end, the main goal is to free sexual energy, which in this belief is considered to be the main energy of life. This is why masseurs, by performing tantric massage, focus on stimulating all the spheres of the recipient, including the most intimate ones. 

What is this massage about?

It should be mentioned that there are several different techniques of tantric massage and they are performed in various ways. Above all, however, when starting the massage, the body of the massaged person should be covered with warm towels to stimulate receptors to feel pleasure as much as possible. It is through these towels that the back, buttocks and limb massage begins. Only after this warming up of the body can the masseur remove the towels and massage the person using stimulant essential oils. Of course, it is also worth taking care of the appropriate atmosphere, and therefore scented candles or incense are used, along with truly relaxing music. This type of massage may or may not include intimate parts.