31 July 2019

What is tantric massage?

One of the more pleasant massages.

It turns out that tantric massage is one of the most relaxing and pleasant activities that a person needing rest and relaxation can undergo. The classic massage has a lot of health benefits. It allows you to effectively manage a range of problems related to the spine or other parts of our body. Currently, the most popular technique is not the classic massage, but is tantric massage, during which massaging is done with the help of the body. The method of massage dates back to ancient times, but is now being rediscovered. Here, we are massaged by two masseuses at the same time.

Tantric massage currently…

Thanks to tantric massage, we can achieve total unity and harmony. This massage is all about opening yourself up to your own body, that is your sexuality, soul and mind. Thanks to this, you can experience full satisfaction and also feel the maximum level of sensuality.SEO

Is tantric massage erotic?

A real tantric massage is often mistaken with a classic erotic massage. However, of course, these are completely different types of massage. Erotic massage is used only to achieve sexual relaxation by peaking during the massage, or taking care of the Yang male sphere. Tantric massage, on the other hand, is a combination of the male element and the female element, and therefore Yang and Yin . Massage of this type means that basically every person who surrenders to it will feel the harmony in their body, along with its balance. What’s more, we must be aware that the sexual energy that is dormant in the person will be directed inward, so that everyone can get to know their sensuality and their needs. It is therefore a truly exceptional experience. It’s about stimulating the senses, which is very exciting. This means that (most importantly) it is very releasing. It’s about the soul as well as the body. This is extremely important.