31 July 2019

What is tantric massage

There are many types of massage that bring relaxation and calm to busy people in everyday life. One of these massages is the mysterious tantric massage. This teaches, among other things, that sex does not only have to be a physical experience, but can also a spiritual and energetic one.  

What is tantric massage?

Tantric massage is a technique that involves the greatest possible relaxation and stimulation of sexual energy. It teaches you to receive stimuli with all your senses. During the massage, all energy points on the body are stimulated, including erotic ones. Professional massage should bring relief, calmness and relaxation. It is performed to provide pleasure that reduces stress and anxiety.

What does a tantric massage look like?

Among the many techniques of tantric massage, one is based on the initial warming up of the body of the massaged person. The body is covered with warm towels, through which individual parts of the body are massaged. This is preparation for the proper massage. SEO

Tantric massage is accompanied by candles, essential oils and other useful accessories. All sensitive parts of the body are massaged, including intimate ones. However, if the customer is not ready for it, no boundaries are exceeded. The massage is designed to relax and provide the most pleasant experiences, so a massaged person should not stress.

Who is tantric massage for?

One can say that tantric massage is for everyone, but because it affects the intimate zones, courage is needed and, above all, trust in the masseur. Before the session, it is common for a conversation to happen so the masseur can learn about the customer’s problems, while building trust and establishing rules that should be kept during the massage. The distance between the masseur and the client is shortened. The tantric massage should be chosen by people who are open and bold because of their nakedness and intimacy. However, for sure this type of massage will be an interesting experience for everyone regardless of initial embarrassment.