31 July 2019

What is nuru massage

Recently in Poland, offers of original massages are appearing more and more often, which attract interested people who want to try something new. The nuru massage, which originates from Japan, is very popular lately. Certainly, one must admit that the name itself is very mysterious. This is why it is worthwhile finding out what it is and when is the best time to get one. 

What is nuru massage?

Japanese nuru massage has little to do with healing functions. The easiest way to say is that it is an erotic dance, which is done to stimulate the massaged person and give them as much pleasure as possible. Nuru focuses on contact with naked bodies that mutually touch each other. Of course, hygiene and professionalism must be maintained. For the massage, we use special moisturizing gels or fragrance oils, which are supposed to provide adequate lubrication, but also to introduce a feeling of calm and complete relaxation thanks to their fragrance and stimulating properties. It is worth noting that this type of massage uses the entire body surface. This is a total change compared to traditional massages, which are performed mainly with the help of hands or feet. This is why this massage is incredibly stimulating and allows you to experience completely different emotions. SEO

How much do nuru massage have to do with sex?

Many people think that this massage can be foreplay or even complete sexual intercourse. Depending on the service chosen and the right price, the nuru massage can also include intimate massage or oral sex. This is why this type of massage is often treated as a very intimate experience. Therefore, it is recommended primarily to people who are very open to any new activities, and at the same time do not have too many inhibitions. The nuru massage allows for exceptional stimulation and relaxation, but only on the condition that the client fully falls into the hands of the masseuse and forgets about shame.