31 July 2019

What is nuru massage and what are its characteristics?

Let’s start with the definition.

Nuru massage is a technique that comes directly from the Japanese. It has long been used in the Far East. Recently, it has also been encountered in Western countries. Nuru massage introduces a perfect experience in the bedroom because it has relaxing and stimulating properties, in principle, for all the muscles and is excellent foreplay. It is therefore an erotic massage technique. The whole body is used in this technique. Nuru is about rubbing one body with the other body. Special oils are used to help with this and to increase relaxation.

How to do a nuru massage?

If we do this massage at home, then we must have a properly prepared place. Let’s be aware that by using oils everything can become quite greasy and dirty. A clean sheet works perfectly. We can also use an inflatable mattress. In online stores you will find whole sets specifically for this type of massage. The kits can include large packages of oils and a special mattress. Once we have the right place, we need more oil. We can really use almost every type of vegetable oil. It can be almond oil, coconut oil or olive oil. We buy it in most pharmacies, drugstores, or in a supermarket.SEO


We must have a properly prepared place. Then we make the right mood, starting by lighting candles, turning off the light, and turning on romantic music. Essentially we mix the oil with hot water. The person who will be massaged should lie down on the previously prepared place. And the person that is massaging spreads the oil all over their partner’s body. Then the massager places themself directly on the partner’s body and massages with their body. Interestingly, all parts of our body are used for this massage. As you can see, the technique of this massage is very interesting and must be acknowledged as unparalleled.