31 July 2019

What is a tantric massage

Massage is a very good way to relax and forget about everyday problems. There are many massage techniques, but tantric massage deserves special attention. It not only promotes relaxation, but it is also believed that thanks to it you can also deepen relationships with your loved one.

What is tantric massage?

Tantric massage is significantly different from traditional massages performed in SPA salons. Thanks to this technique, we forget about stress, and also release our sexual energy, which is considered the greatest life energy. During the tantric massage, energy points on the body are stimulated, including those in intimate places.

Although there are many ways to do tantric massage, most often everything starts with covering the body of a massaged person with warm towels and massaging the back, buttocks and limbs. Later, the towels are removed for the proper massage, which is done using essential oils.SEO

During the tantric massage, all parts of the body are touched, including the genitals. Nevertheless, the intimate surroundings are not the most important part, and it is possible to ask the person performing the massage to avoid them.

Who should opt for tantric massage?

Tantric massage is recommended for everyone who wants to relax and at the same time feel themselves and their body. This is a very good option for overworked people who are exposed to high stress and even with psychological and physical problems. Tantric massage allows you to get rid of internal blocks, relax your body, and open yourself to your own sexual needs.

Tantric massage and erotic massage

It is worth noting that tantric massage is not an erotic massage, even though both the massaged and the massaging person are naked. Nevertheless, it can be a good form of foreplay if couples decide to go for a massage together. It can also be a way to diversify sex life. Tantric massage is conducive to deepening relationships, getting to know your bodies, and getting rid of feelings of low self-esteem around the other person. Tantra boils down to freeing sexual energy and spreading it all over the body.