31 July 2019

Sensual relaxation

Massage salons are gaining popularity and conquering the hearts of an increasing number of people. Usually, we limit ourselves to the hands of experts, but it is worth daring at least once in your life to splurge in a much more erotic way… The possibilities are many – the decision depends on your needs and boldness.

Tantric massage

Being both a method of deep relaxation and an extraordinary erotic experience, tantric massage is a way to loosen up every point in the body. The client must undress completely and allow the masseuse to work on their entire body – from the head and hair follicles, through the shoulders, thighs, and back to the most intimate places. The most important thing is total trust and cooperation, as well as the unconditional acceptance of self that can be achieved through tantric philosophy. Despite the obvious erotic pleasure during genital massage, the goal here is not just sexual satisfaction, but a deep journey to completely new centers of pleasure.SEO   

Massage nuru

Also inspired by the wisdom of the Far East, the technique of nuru massage is an extremely intense experience, both spiritual and physical – instead of hot stones or just a hand, the masseuse uses their entire body. Thanks to the special oils, it is possible to rub on the massaged body and provide it with full relaxation using a full range of movements – including the bust or buttocks. Both the masseuse and the client must be completely naked, which allows this type of massage to be called “the most erotic in the world.” Depending on the rules prevailing in a given salon, it can end with various forms of stimulation until orgasm is reached.

Twice as much pleasure?

Particularly demanding people may consider putting themselves in the care of not only one, but two masseurs. Regardless of the chosen form of massage, it significantly increases the possibilities and allows you to discover completely new, exciting configurations. Every two bodies are not one, and every four hands are not two!