31 July 2019

Information about tantric massage

Tantric massage is associated with the concept of tantrism, or spiritual practices derived from ancient India.  

This massage differs from other classical or relaxing treatments not only in the way of it is performed, but also in the effects that the massaged person is supposed to feel.

Most people include tantric massage with erotic massage. It is easy for such misunderstandings because the masseur touches intimate zones during both types of treatments. However, the tantric massage differs from the erotic in this regard, in that it is based on the assumption of working with energy, releasing it and spreading it all over the body, instead of bringing the person to orgasm. In addition, it should be mentioned that the first tantric massage takes place bypassing the intimate spheres.SEO

Tantra constitutes the spiritual foundation of various types of techniques, including massage, and is based on several pillars: spirituality (contact with deities), corporeality (the body as a sacrum), and work with the shadow.

As a result of a well-performed tantric massage, a massaged person should feel not only strong relaxation, but also inner harmony, integration with themself and with life.

Tantric massage is on offer from many different salons. In some places, this name will be abused because the masseur will only be qualified to perform an ordinary erotic massage. However, we will find the proper technique used in larger cities, where working people know the philosophy of tantra and can influence energy in the body.

Tantric massage is also different from other treatments, in that during it, both the massaged and massaging person are completely naked. During this massage all parts of the body are touched, due to the assumption that there are no forbidden, shameful or taboo places on the body.

The masseur works with their hands and body, but can also use some accessories like feathers for the treatment. The environment is important, that’s why candles are burning in the room and you can hear relaxing music.

Tantric massages may have different functions, some serve to awaken kundalini energy, while others treat traumas.

The person who massages before surgery talks to the client about their expectations, which allows them to choose the appropriate massage that will correspond with the emotional and spiritual needs of the person being massaged.

Tantric massage should not only relax, but also release blocks in the body, teach self-acceptance, and greater openness to the world.